Tarot BookMarks: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, and the Princess of Wands

Frankenstein is one of my favorite Classics! This quote in particular I feel embraces the fearlessness and spirit of the Wands suit.  I chose the Princess of Wands for this quote, not so much because I felt it embraced Frankenstein, but because I felt the image embraced the author, Mary Shelley.  She was a fearless woman ahead of her time, and a true Princess of Wands.


Princess of Wands from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot deck

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The Tarot Talk Show is moving to the Paraencounters Network!

I am so excited to announce that The Tarot Talk will now be an internet iTV show on the Paraencounters Network! We have been added to the regular Monday night lineup, with a premiere date of Monday, April 7th @ 7pm EST! I am thrilled about this new opportunity, thank you Producer Eric! I think this new format gives the show additional avenues for interaction and creative expression. Can’t wait to see where we will take this, thank you Listeners and Guests for Tarot-ing along with me!


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OMG my dream Tarot deck is here! The Tarocco Favoloso (and it is Divine)!


It’s here!  It’s finally here!  I am jumping with joy and excitement!  Years ago I attended the big, annual Reader’s Studio in New York and I saw the Tarocco Favoloso Tarot deck for the first time at the Tarot Garden‘s vendor table.  Back then I couldn’t afford this deck, as it is both rare and valuable.  To be honest I can barely afford it now!  I sold a Tarot deck I already had in my possession to another collector friend (thanks Tony!), and with a couple unexpected Tarot readings I made it work ;).


Tarocco Favoloso by Michelangelo Gaudio and Piero Alligo, published by Il Meneghello in 1987 as a limited, numbered edition of 3500 sets.

It took me years waiting for this deck to appear for sale online, as the Tarocco Favoloso is a deck you typically can’t just find and buy...

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Hoping the Four of Cups Tarot card will wash my hair

I really, really, really, don’t want to wash all this long hair today.  Like, really.  Four reallys, four cups, BAH!  I’m pretending this is me and that hand coming out of nowhere is going to give me a lovely shampoo…

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My guest appearance on the Inner State Highways iTV show on the Para Encounters Network!

Last night I had my very first appearance on iTV, on the Inner State Highways show on the Para Encounters Network!  I had such a great time talking Tarot and Astrology with hosts Jordan Hoggard and Issac Bradfield.  We covered a lot of territory, from how I use Tarot as an interactive tool to some interesting insights into the meaning of The Devil Tarot card.  Check it out!

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Catch me on the Inner State Highways iTV show tomorrow @ 10pm on PEN!

Hello Friends and Readers!  Tomorrow @ 10pm on PEN I am going to be on the Inner State Highways iTV show!  I am super excited!  It’s going to be a great show, host Jordan Hoggard is an energetic  host and I so enjoyed having him as a guest on my show The Tarot Talk back in October.  I can’t wait to talk some Tarot with this guy!  I hope you can all catch the show!  Here’s the link to PEN http://www.paraencountersnetwork.com


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Tarot BookMarks: Watchmen and the Star Tarot card

I love Tarot and I love to read.  Tarot Book-Marks pairs my favorite quotes from my favorite books with the Tarot cards.

I love the Star Tarot card and the graphic novel Watchmen is one of my favorite books!


The Star Tarot card from the Arcus Arcanum Tarot deck created by Hansrudi Wascher

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Gifts and Talents Goddess Spread

Goddess spread

This is a Tarot spread I put together as a handout and activity for the Tarot group I used to organize.  I hadn’t seen or thought of this spread in years until my BFF in Tarot, “Tarot Tim” Tim Martin found it online and posted it up on his Facebook page.  Tim is of course very intuitive, and the funny part is that he actually referenced me in that post without knowing I created the spread.  How’s that for some synergy?

Anyway, here is the spread.  As I recall it produced some food for thought, as the group explored their gifts and talents.  I need to do a fresh Reading with this spread and see what comes up in the present!

The triple goddess image underneath the spread is not my creation.  The artist’s copyright is there, and I pulled the image from the Deviant Art.

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My shopping cart is empty, BUY ALL THE TAROT DECKS!


Last night I was watching TV and browsing around Ebay, adding all kinds of Tarot decks to my watch list.  Some I could afford, some I couldn’t, but it’s just fun to look around and see all the different decks that are out there.  I actually did purchase a new deck, the French version of the Tarot de L’Eden.  The price was fantastic, I saw an English version of this deck at the local bookstore (also at a really great price) and I regret not buying that deal when I had the chance!

Anyway, this morning I logged on to Ebay to pay for the deck and when I was finished the following came up on the screen:

Your shopping cart is empty, but it doesn’t have to be.

Thanks Ebay for tempting me further!  Ebay is a wonderland of shopping, collecting, deals, winning, abundance, things, more, more, and...

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